Priori CoffeeBerry Peels

Priori Professional Treatments ‘jump start’ the Priori anti-aging home care regime, accelerating and maximising the benefits of the products for even faster results. The purpose of these highly effective treatments is twofold: to help your skin look younger almost immediately while taking your results to the next level.

CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals                                                      skin yoga

Utilising nature’s most potent botanical, CoffeeBerry® which is derived from the fruit of the Coffee plant and is three times more powerful than green tea as an antioxidant. Priori CoffeeBerry™ is the first all natural skin care line that gives cosmeceutical clinical results and is aimed at consumers who want results driven skincare, but do not want to compromise their natural skincare, green principles.

Priori CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals will help you look and feel good naturally, with benefits that include tightening, toning and releasing tension. The synergetic effects of detoxification, massage, lifting techniques and increased circulation will leave your skin with a natural lift and smoother appearance.

Delivers extraordinary results, naturally:

Moisturises                                                      Evens pigmentation

Exfoliates                                                         Revitalises dry, mature and sun-damaged skin

Firms and tightens                                         Minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Smoothes and calms



Lunchtime Brightening Yoga facial

Visibly retextures and smoothes the skin, makes fine lines less noticeable and leaves the skin hydrated, soft and supple in just 30 minutes.

30min      £55

Naturally Brightening Yoga Facial Treatment

Delivers an anti-ageing treatment combined with stress relieving massage to further the lifting and firming results for your skin. Retextures, brightens and leaves the skin hydrated, sift and supple.

55min  £58

Deluxe Naturally Brightening Facial Treatment

An intense and relaxing anti-ageing treatment for areas that show the signs of ageing most: face, neck, decolltage and hands. This results-orientated treatment will reduce tension and stress levels as well as brighten and even your overall skin tone. Leaves skin feeling firm, lifted, youthful and radiant.

75 min- £68.00


Award Winning Naturally Slimming Body Treatment

A targeted, naturally slimming treatment for the hips, abdomen, thighs and other problem areas. Helps to firm the skin, reduce inches and minimise the appearance of cellulite. When you combine the treatment with prescribed home care and smart lifestyle choices, you’ll see revitalised and remodeled skin with a smoother texture. Most effective when done in a series of six treatments.

45 min- £55.00


 Naturally Anti-Ageing Manicure

An intensive anti-ageing treatment designed to give the hands and arms a more naturally youthful appearance. Combines the clinically proven anti-ageing and brightening properties of Coffeeberry with natural ingredients including botanicals and vitamins.

45min  £45

Naturally Anti-Ageing Pedicure

A naturally intensive and anti-ageing treatment for the feet. Works with natural ingredients including botanicals and vitamins as well as the clinically proven anti-ageing power of Coffeberry extract. The feet and legs become softer, smoother and appear healthy and youthful.

60min  £60.00

Naturally Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment

Designed for relaxation, rejuvenation and reduction of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Restores the contour of the eye for a more rested, fresh and naturally youthful appearance. With clinically proven, all-natural ingredients including powerful antioxidants and botanicals.

30min  £33