Salt and Sugar Scrub

Salt and Sugar Scrub

This full body salt and sugar scrub is specially designed to invigorate and re-energise, followed by an application of rich, nurishing, moisturiser – leaving your skin beautifully supple and with a fresh glow!


30min- £30.00


Ear Candles

Ear candles have been used for many years by Sharman healers and can be traced back to the Indians of North and South America.

Ear candles can rebalance your body and alleviate headaches, stress, earache, hayfever, pressures of flying and excess wax.

Your treatment is followed by a peaceful pressure-point massage.

45 min- £35.00

Aromassage full body

Aromassage full body

Best For: Wellbeing and relaxation

Decleor use rituals based on the powers of active essential oils. Using these precious ingredients and our expert hands, the Decleor massage provides a genuine sensation of wellbeing and relaxation.

1 Hour- £51.00


Aromatic Exfoliation Ritual

Best For: Stimulating and softening skin

A rich, sensorial experience that takes its inspiration from the unique flora and fauna found on the Island of Madagascar. Rediscover radiance, vitality and soft, silky skin with this professional exfoliating treatment using fruit seeds to stimulate and soften skin.

45 min- £35.00

Decleor Purifying Back treatment

Decleor Purifying Back treatment

Best For: Energising your skin

A purity, cleansing ritual using aquatic plant extracts and essential oils to decongest and brighten your skin.

45 min- £35.00


Decleor Perfect Legs

Best For: Slim effect

An instantly refreshing and invigorating treatment, which soothes aching muscles and boosts circulation, to leave you feeling uplifted and light as a feather!

1 Hour- £55.00

Aroma Flow Body Envelopment

Aroma Flow Body Envelopment

Best For: Invigorating and energising

An invigorating and energising treatment that boosts circulation, soothes aching muscles and eliminates toxins and excess fluids, leaving you feeling uplifted, warm and energised.

1 hour- £40.00


Aroma Detox Body Envelopment

Best For: Smooth skin

Ideal part of a detox programme or diet regime, this treatment is fantastic for cellulite and water rentention. Marine algae combined with essential oils drains and breaks down fatty deposits for instantly smoother skin.

1 hour - £40.00


Aroma Tonic Body Envelopment

Best For: Nourishing your skin

An intensive, firming treatment, fantastic for dry and mature skins. This treatment will stimulate the collagen in your skin, tone and firm the skin reducing the appearance of stretch marks, leaving your skin rehydrated, nourished and glowing.

1 hour - £40.00

Neom Body Treatments

Neom Body Treatments

Neom Luxury Organics have created the most incredibly powerful, organic range of luxury bath and body products that all work as treatments to make you feel a whole lot more relaxed, more energised or even just a whole lot happier – depending on the treatment you select for your mood.

Book one of the below treatments and you have the option to purchase a Neom travel candle for only £7! (RRP £13).

De-stress Back Massage - 30 min - £36.00
De-stress Full Body Massage - 60 min - £55.00
Full Body exfoliation & De-stress Full Body Massage - 90min - £73.00