Swedish Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage Treatments

Although massage can be traced back as early as 3000BC, the massage we most recognize today originates from the work of a Swedish physiologist hence the term ‘Swedish massage’. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘holistic massage’ as the treatment takes into account the whole person, rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem.

Benefits of the treatment:
To put it simply, our muscles are attached to our bones. When we get tense or stressed, our muscles build up lactic acid ‘knots’ which prevent them from working smoothly. In turn they pull our bones out of their correct alignment which can lead to poor posture, pain and other problems. Massage not only helps break down these knots and free the muscles up but also has the following clinically-proven benefits:
• Improves skin condition and muscle tone
• Relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness
• Boosts immunity
• Slows down the body systems encouraging them to repair and renew.
• Improves sleep patterns
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduces the effects of stress and depression

And of course massage allows us to switch off, unwind and be at peace for a while.

Swedish back massage - 30 min - £31.00
Swedish full body massage - 60 min - £51.00
Men Nail Treatment Spa


Jessica is a fusion of two innovative technologies, which allow oxygen and hydration to penetrate your nails. The result is nails that last longer and are less prone to breaking.

Jessica deluxe manicure for men - 60 min - £32.00
Jessica deluxe pedicure for men - 60 min - £36.00
Men Spa Grooming Glasgow


Brow shape/trim - 15 min - £9.50
Lash Tint - 30 min - £13.50
Brow Tint - 15 min - £9.00
Men Waxing Spa Glasgow


For best results, avoid hot baths, sunbeds and sunbathing for 24 hours after your treatment.

Eyebrows - 15 min - £9.50
Chest - 30 min - £25.00
Back - 30 min - £26.00
Men Ear Candles Spa

Ear Candles

Ear candles have been used for many years by Sharman healers and can be traced back to the Indians of North and South America.

Ear candles can rebalance your body and alleviate headaches, stress, earache, hayfever, pressures of flying and excess wax.

Your treatment is followed by a peaceful pressure-point massage.

45 min- £35.00