Mother To Be

Themae Cocoon Massage

Themae Cocoon Massage

This massage, specially developed for expectant mothers, is simultaneously, comforting and toning.

It aims at improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles to soothe the legs and back of the mother to be.

Ideal for expectant mothers seeking a little ‘me’ time to feel lighter, more relaxed and ultimately radiant.

1 hour- £49.00


Mum to Be Treatment

Decleor have created this luxurious face and body treatment especially for Mum’s to be. This nurturing treatment will help you preserve the tone of your skin, reduce the risk of stretch marks, lighten your legs and brighten your complexion to ensure you look as radiant as you feel, including a back, legs and stomach massage, a luxurious mask on your bump and a fabulous Decleor facial.

1 hour 30 min- £60.00